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logic will break your heart

The Stills
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this is the official community for the montreal band, the stills. you can post lyrics, tour info, setlists, love, anything you want that's pertaining to the band. the band has two releases, logic will break your heart, and the rememberese ep. both of which can be purchased by clicking the link.

listen to the whole album here: click.

also, the UK has a good version of the main website for the band: http://www.the-stills.co.uk/

the stills' lyrics and current tour dates for the band can be found in the memories section.

watch the video for still in love song here: windows media: Hi - Lo
Realplayer: Hi - Lo

watch the video for lola stars and stripes here: windows media: Hi - Lo
Realplayer: Hi - Lo

join the unofficial stills message board! yesterdaynevertomorrows.com

moderated/maintained byprecipitate and staraflur. any questions can be directed to us.

please note: this is not a promotional community, do not promote your rating communities please. doing so will result in the deletion of the post. thank you.