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oh goly gosh! i would say this community is near dead since the stills just disbanded two months ago. yes it was april! in fact, i just ofund about it today, yes im late. so sorry!!!  indeed it was heartbreaking news to hear that! theres so many things but not a lot things i missed such as i found this article  about tim fletche interview.    man tim is so something! -->
for now....we shall remember about them and tim too. i hope ex the stills memebers keep updates their twitter or something cause we as fans or friends still have hearts to them!
heres tim's twitter!:!/JimSletcher  lets follow him and do some fan talk hehe!!/the_stills
i feel so bad that i didnt support much them. i only did is had autographs of the stills, took pics each of them with me, and paid one single of still love song through itunes. thats it! T______T but still i kinda supported is post in this community. ah well.
i dont know what else to say, it is so hearbreaking.....
people are you still alive here cheking in livejournal? tumblr and twitter is been popular nowdays and i am addicted to them than here. >.<
what do  u think, people!?


The Stills won 2 junos this year in the following categories:
New Group of the Year and Alternative Album of the Year.
The first category makes me laugh a little because i've been a fan since the beginning and i think they should have been nominated for Group of the year.

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the stills

the concert (feb 7).....

 After they performed in the city hall in toronto, their songs helped to boost my energy. the concert was pretty good. so I'm going to upload pictures and videos on Monday night...I promise! so hang on!

I am kinda sad when i saw tim and oliver were smoking in the backstage....and I dont like their bodies are so super skinny!