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A little late

This place seems just a little dead so I thought I should post this...

The Stills Sign to Arts & Crafts
Ladies and Gentlemen,
It is with unrivaled joy, and with tremendous feelings of love that we, The Stills, join forces with friends and family as the newest members of the Arts & Crafts label.

To each member of this family we would first like to say how proud we are to find ourselves at your sides; an honor, and a privilege. With so many of you already close friends for years now, it could not feel more right and natural. It might very well be impossible to find a warmer, more welcoming, inspiring home.

And all very timely as well. We are rejuvenated by this union. These have been the strangest of years of our lives, exciting, open, huge, frightening, amazing; the places some of us have been, the folk met, months and miles away from home, from reality from The Stills - each in our own ways, sometimes with each other sometimes as if forever without - a lot to take in. Re-evaluations. Premonitions. Drinking. Epiphany. Some of us on pilgrimages that have altered totally certain views of the world, of people, of life. South Pacific, South America, Mexico City, mezcal, Istanbul, Turkish countryside, Japan, alot of thinking alone, not getting languages, anxiety, bliss, wandering, pills, bonfires, beaches, theft, running, hiding, heartbreak, death, weddings, and of course, the requisite sex and poltergeist activity which both play on the mind in each their own respective dizzying ways. Mad, wasted, beautiful, acid snow-globe years.

We have come together stronger than I ever thought possible. Heaps of new music which will comprise our third album, to be recorded in Montreal, will surface officially in the early spring of 2008. We are working diligently and harder than ever before in our lives towards creating and shaping our world, and it is all-consuming and manic.

Nonetheless, and thankfully, we will be playing shows during this recording period to maintain that oft-strived for balance of madness and joy that accompanies both the studio bunker and live, wasted jubilation. We will be playing two Toronto shows at Lee's Palace, to commemorate and celebrate our signing to A&C. November 23rd and 24th. We'll also be joining Spoon for a show in Orlando, Florida on November 9th.

Vice fished us out of the ocean and really gave us the chance to on peoples' plates. Without them we actually wouldn't be a band at all...Yes, long story. We love them and wish them all the best of futures. Oliver will never stop wearing their shirts.

The possibilities now feel huge and endless. There's a raw current running through the air, like something strong and wicked this way comes. Smells like ozone at night, and electric eels in the deep black water, all through your veins. Low rumblings. Makes you want to smash things and scream for more. Unbelievable.

This is a wonderful time.
There's so much to love.
And so, all of ours to you. All of our love to you.
See you soon friends new and old.
-The Stills

I know they played a few new songs at Pop Montreal, Called "Rooibos", "Being Here," "Snow In California" and "Eastern Europe." and I was wondering if anyone might have live versions..?
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