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New album release date

After teasing us with a promising set at this past fall's Pop Montreal festival, Canadian quintet the Stills have finally revealed their much-anticipated third record: Oceans Will Rise, the follow-up to 2006's sophomore set Without Feathers, will flood North America Aug. 19 via the band's new label home, Arts&Crafts.

According to vocalist Tim Fletcher, the group felt "a raw energy of inspiration" during the new album's recording efforts that was absent in previous sessions; whether or not it was powerful enough to generate the kind of fire seen in the "Snake-Charming the Masses" music video is yet unconfirmed.

Oceans Will Rise tracklisting:

1. "Don't Look Down"
2. "Snow In California"
3. "Snake-Charming the Masses"
4. "Being Here"
5. "Everything I Build"
6. "Panic"
7. "Eastern Europe"
8. "Dinosaurs"
9. "I'm With You"
10. "Rooiboos/Palm Wine Drinkard"
11. "Statue of Sirens"


You can download .mp3 files of "Being Here" and "Rooiboos/Palm Wine Drinkard" at the source. You can see the album cover here. They have Snake-Charming The Masses up on their myspace as well.

So far, I'm in love with Snake-Charming the Masses. I'm looking forward to the album. I also kinda don't like the cover, but oh well. The new songs sound pretty good, from what I've heard (Snake-Charming, Rooibos, Being Here and Eastern Europe)
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Deleted comment

I KNOW. I can't wait for it. I'm really curious about the songs that they haven't played live yet, like "Dinosaurs"
Yay finally they're back and their energetic songs are back too! Those songs sounds almost similar to their first album. I will try to see them again at the edge radio station next week on the same day the new album will release..
Thanks for sharing...I downloaded two free songs at :P
oh yeah, I dont like their cover album but I guess it shows a meaning symbol or something like that..that maybe helps us to reflect about their songs that can "fight" in a positive way.
that link, I've listened there all songs...I like them some.
btw, I'm flattered that you're using my icons that I made them :P