Shall be your simple-retro loyalty icons? (hipestroke) wrote in thestills,
Shall be your simple-retro loyalty icons?

free concert at toronto! on august 19th!

They're gonna perform for free in the horseshoe tavern at 10 pm.  or 10:20 pm. lol on august 19th!
THe Horseshoe is located at:
370 Queen Street West
Downtown Toronto

Ontario, Canada
M5V 2A2
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Deleted comment

I think im sure they're gonna post upcomming concerts around in USA soon!
AW CRAP. I can't believe I missed it! I was right near there yesterday night!!
Oh sorry! I guess I should have post this in a week before starts that concert. but The also posted this more earlier than me. :P
In fact, since i have heard this, I heard that from the Muchondemand tv show. right there:

And I'm in toronto too, I couldn't come there cuz it is kinda late cuz im young! lol
but we can still wait for the next year which probablt they're gonna play a free concert as well! :P
Hopefully! I saw them last year with Hawksley Workman and they were amazing..
Yeah, that was 4th june, 2007, I was there in habourfront centre ;)