madele (4grandma) wrote in thestills,

the concert (feb 7).....

 After they performed in the city hall in toronto, their songs helped to boost my energy. the concert was pretty good. so I'm going to upload pictures and videos on Monday night...I promise! so hang on!

I am kinda sad when i saw tim and oliver were smoking in the backstage....and I dont like their bodies are so super skinny!
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yeah, i ran into olivier last year at sxsw and hadn't seen them for over a year and he was soooooo thin I couldn't believe it. Stressed-looking, too, considering it was on a day/at a place they weren't playing.


February 9 2009, 22:53:47 UTC 9 years ago

Maybe, for being thin is that all he and tim ever wanted to be rock stars. :(