madele (4grandma) wrote in thestills,

pictures and videos from wintercity concert and more stuff

more pictures from newscity page

Read the article about the concert & plus I found a fan has updated some videos: here (she's walking out) and  here(still in love song)

"The Stills are first time Juno noms, making the short list for Alternative Album of the Year (Oceans Will Rise), as well as New Group of the Year." from arts&crafts site. (I dont know how im going to vote them?lol) Plus, i found a video interview about it, so go watch it in youtube here!

Omg, I found three HUGE promo pictures! the third one... I never seen it before, it looks pretty cool! (warning: those links are very heavy and that might take long time to load! but they are worth to see!--every details! even i can see tim's tiny mustache lol)
Probably this entire will make you day! lol!

EDIT: there's more recent pictures of that concert are in flickr
                 And videos of Much on Demand from last year. here (more videos are below that you will see the interview part 2 and their performance (being here & don't talk down)

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