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The Stills won 2 junos this year in the following categories:
New Group of the Year and Alternative Album of the Year.
The first category makes me laugh a little because i've been a fan since the beginning and i think they should have been nominated for Group of the year.

Sauce my tv + 1 & 2

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amaaaaaazing news :)
oh sorry, i didnt see that u already posted that! I posted with pictures.
yeah i know new group of year which means people now have heard of the stills finally and that band will become popular!

That's really great for them! (but yeah, new group....?)
That happens a lot for great Canadian artists, unfortunately. It's like if they don't have one mega radio hit (or like LIGHTS, who won Best New Artist, one viral internet hit) then they have to work forever to prove themselves.

Feist got a new artist nomination a year or two ago, I believe, after she already had a fan base, released a few albums, and had toured around the world.

It's nice to see The Stills getting a nod from the industry- Junos are based on records sales mostly. So 3 albums in they get a New Group award, when they're only new to people who only listen to what the popular radio stations and tv channels tell them is worthy.

Anyways, I digress... Yay Stills! They deserve the awards!